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"Sharing the island's cultural value, natural beauty and romantic inspiration"

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Who we are and why we're here.

Isla Cozumel Day Pass

Cozumel is a MUST-DO day trip from the Riviera Maya and even for those staying in Cozumel, we have identified the best tours and activities available. Once experienced, Cozumel will always have a special place in your heart.

We are the same team that publish the Cozumel Visitors Guide. We love to share our unique insight of the island as well as a sincere heart felt desire to promote this precious destination.

A great effort has been made to bring you select options in Cozumel. First, we made sure that the WOW factor is in every activity, meal, palace and guide. Second, logistics were carefully considered to make it as effortless as possible for visitors to reach the island and all its highlights with an adequate time frame. Third, to make the price as accessible as possible while at the same time create added value such as including ferry crossings, park entrances and taxes, hotel pick-ups, lockers, lounge chairs, etc.


To share with the world, the unique qualities of Isla Cozumel. The island has great cultural value, natural beauty both above and below the water, inspires romance and family bonding and there's the charm and radiant smiles from the people that live here. These are qualities worth sharing.


Our features

We want you to have a great experience before, during and after your tour.

Great support

We're always there for you with dedicated support. Whether you have questions or concerns about an activity, or special meal requirements, or a change in your itinerary, we're a phone call, text message or an email away. Our main goal is for you to feel cared for, attended to, and for you to have the best time of your life.

We speak several languages

All our tours and activities offer English and Spanish. Some tours offer French, Italian and German on select days.

We take care of everyone

We do our best to keep our tours and activities as wheelchair friendly as possible. Some tours may require the person to walk a short distance. The use of walkers is possible on every tour. More imprtantly let us know your needs while booking an adventure. We also have scooters for rent.

Groups love us

And we love working with groups. Depending on the desired tour or activity we have the right incentive for your group of 7 or more. We also offer private island tours with custom itinerary. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to work with you.

Our team and guides

We will all do our best for you. That's a promise!