SNUBA cozumel

"Experience the underwater beauty of Cozumel"

SNUBA is a unique, shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. SNUBA is safe, easy and does not require certification. Even if you have never snorkeled, SNUBA diving is available for you. SNUBA is easily accessible to couples, families, children and seniors. It is also a great way for a certified diver to introduce non-certified partners to the underwater breathing experience.

SNUBA is one of the best ways to see Cozumel's underwater beauty up close. Don't leave Cozumel without trying this unique experience in one of the best underwater places in the world.


  • Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

The underwater splendors of Cozumel.

Cozumel is famous for its underwater beauty. This is a MUST DO activity.

Fun for the entire family

Anyone 8+ can do it. No experience required. No heavy tanks on your back.

Complimentary snorkeling after your SNUBA Experience

Stick around and snorkel as long as you like. Complimentary snorkeling equipment rental is offered to all SNUBA participants.

Safety First

Our Dive Guides are professionally certified Divemasters trained to make sure that you're always your comfort zone. SNUBA Cozumel uses the lastest equipment; maintained and checked daily.

Program (2:00 hours)

SNUBA is all about having fun and enjoying the underwater experience while feeling safe and secure in your comfort zone. Our SNUBA adventure program is an incredibly unique, entertaining experience that allows you to be in and out of the water in less than an hour; offering an extraordinary experience without time-consuming classes or training.

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    Complimentary Lockers and Changing Rooms

    Get yourself ready! We have complimentary lockers, changing rooms and super clean bathroom. We also have showers for after your dive.

  • 2

    Safety Instructions

    Your dive guide will make sure you're comfortable with the experience while showing you a few things you should know.

  • 3


    It's time to gear-up! With the help of your dive guide, you don your mask, fins, weights and air supply.

    This is what you came for! Marvel at the underwater beauty while enjoying the sensation of zero gravity.

  • 4

    Photo Review

    Time to pick that perfect pic of you underwater in Cozumel. These memories will last a lifetime.

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    Unlimited Free Snorkeling

    After your SNUBA adventure, feel free to hang around and snorkel with our complimentary snorkeling rental gear. You can snorkel until 4:00 P.M. closing time. Tip: Schedule your SNUBA early so you have plenty of time to snorkel afterwards.

Timing of the tour is estimated and subject to alterations and money-back cancellation depending on weather conditions.

What to bring

Bring a bathing suit, biodegradable sunscreen, an optional change of clothing, sunglasses and cash for discounted entrance fee to Chankanaab Park (if applicable), souvenirs and tips.

Group Size Limits:

Limited to sx people per dive. If your group exceeds the limit, we will split-up your group into two or more continuous time slots. As each group finishes their dive, it can snorkel above the following group.


Spanish, English

Planning Your Day

We understand that you want to get the most out of your day in Isla Cozumel but it is important to allow a little extra time and flexibility in your itinerary. While we try our best to stay on schedule there are times especially with large groups or during peak season that may slow us down a bit. We do not suggest that you schedule other time-sensitive activities immeiately after your SNUBA.


Non swimmers are not allowed to snorkel. Participants must be at least 8 years of age. This tour is not recommended for those with back/neck injuries, history of seizures, vertigo, recent surgeries, heart conditions, or asthma.

• Chankanaab Park

Chankanaab Park is a natural setting with other activities like a small beach, Mayan village and lagoon included in your entrance fee. As a SNUBA guest, you will receive a discounted entrance by showing your SNUBA voucher.

Transportation is not included in this adventure. Reservations required, no walk-ups

By Ferry from Playa del Carmen

Take the ferry 90 minutes to two hours before your scheduled time. Arrive at the ferry terminal in Playa del Carmen at least 15 minutes before departure. Once in Cozumel you can take a taxi ride to Chankanaab Park.

By Taxi

We suggest a short taxi ride from the ferry pier, cruise ship pier or your hotel here in Cozumel. Getting to Chankanaab Park is easy. Chankanaab Park is located on the South Coastal Rd Km 9. Justa ask any taxi.

"SNUBA questions & answers"

Hopefully you can find answers to your concerns here. And if not, you can always contact us directly.

Bring a bathing suit, biodegradable sunscreen, a towel, an optional change of clothing, sunglasses and cash for discounted entrance fee to Chankanaab Park, souvenirs and tips.
Yes, Chankanaab Park offers wheelchair access to the water's edge.
SNUBA is easy and fun, making it possible to explore our gorgeous coral reefs and fish. It is considered a medium effort activity which means the average person can SNUBA. It is an excellent way for you, your children, or group of family and friends to safely enjoy diving without having to get a certification.
Yes, we offer complimentary lockers, showers and spacious restrooms to all our customers.
As a SNUBA diver you receive a discounted entrance to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. The discounted entrance is $17 usd per person (regular admission is $29 usd). Chankanaab is an excellent place for SNUBA with complimentary snorkeling rental equipment for our guests.
Absolutely! SNUBA is very different (and much better) than snorkeling. SNUBA is like SCUBA except that you do not have a bulky tank on your back.
The SNUBA® system is designed with safety in mind and SNUBA guides are trained to ensure your dive is a safe and fun one.
While you don't have to be a strong swimmer or even a good swimmer, you do have to know how to swim. If you can't swim, we suggest that you try Sea Trek. Also known as helmet diving, Sea Trek allows you walk on the ocean floor.
Yes, SNUBA® is not allowed for pregnant women and people with heart conditions.
For safety reasons and personal enjoyment, SNUBA® is limited to groups of six at a time. However larger groups take turns, six at a time while others in the group snorkel or relax oceanside.
The maximum depth you can go during SNUBA is 20 feet below the surface. However, the beauty of SNUBA is that each participant gets to stay at any depth they feel comfortable without affecting any other divers in the group.
No. SNUBA is considered a shore dive. Chankanaab Park has a live reef with plenty of fish to see.
Yes, photography and video service is performed during your SNUBA.

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